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With over 30 years behind the mic - and a wide range

of experience, let me make your message come alive.

Erin Kelly-Weber

It has been so wonderful, and humbling, recording in epic studios across America and around the world: San Francisco's Ice House Studios, where Bob Dylan recorded in his early years; DC's stunning and vast Rodell Studios; London's Maison Rouge Studios where Led Zeppelin felt at home; Cleveland's sparkling Commercial Recording studios, and Muscle Shoal's own Wishbone Recording Studios, where music greats from Roy Orbison to Aretha Franklin created their one-of-a-kind vibe. I loved all of these awesome studios, and many others. I owe a special thanks to the expert engineers who make each a one-of-a-kind epic sanctuary of brilliance and creativity.


I started in voice over and radio when I was 14 years old, still in high school, and continued throughout college, and beyond, in some of the great in studios all over the world. The studio that "rocked" the most, really did rock - and roll - during gale-force storms  on the North Sea off the coast of England. On some days the microphone had to be tied down so it would not swing away while I was on the air or recording on a "pirate" radio station, Laser 558, with some of the best radio fans and friends in the entire world.

Thankful for many years in radio - Billboard Magazine Major Market  Radio Award, 

5 time CMA Major Market Personality of the Year finalist, and market topping ratings and revenues with fun times and great people who made everyday a party.

Many Thanks!


While I still love the big studio experience, it is hard to beat the daily commute to my multi-media studio overlooking Lake Erie, a short walk  through my living room.


What a treat to enjoy the comforts of home while working in my cozy studio and sending files all over the world - ISDN, email, FTP, Drop Box, & You Send it.  


. . .of course, its always fun to visit other studios for a project;  whether its on-line or at a studio near you. . .I'm looking forward to meeting you.


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